Absolute Papaya Extract | Carica Papaya Leaf Extract - 30 Capsules

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Absolute Papaya Extract | Carica Papaya Leaf Extract - 30CAPS - Genetic Nutrition

Absolute Papaya Extract | Carica Papaya Leaf Extract - 30 Capsules

Rs. 199.00

Absolute Papaya Extract | Carica Papaya Leaf Extract - 30 Capsules

Rs. 199.00

“with Vitamin C. Vitamin A & Iron. Supports Platelet. Immunity & Digestion”

  • Absolute Papaya Extract is made from unique combination of Papaya leaf and Fruit extract along with pomegranate and other vitamin & minerals which unlock many health benefits.
  • The capsules are loaded with Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals that are essential for healthy wellbeing  
  • Contains essential nutrients and high fiber that stimulate easy bowel movement Has high antioxidant levels that help boost immunity and eliminate harmful free radicals Contains an enzyme called papain that aids digestion
  • Improves appetite and helps strengthen immune system: Papaya is enriched with antioxidants and active compounds like papain, chymopapain and essential fiber, that help the body in digesting protein and releasing digestive enzymes. It is also known for its rejuvenating and detoxifying properties. Papaya leaf extract is rich in antioxidants that help promote good health by fighting with and preventing health issues.
  • Increase blood platelets: Papaya leaves are loaded with various phytoconstituents like tannins, saponins and alkaloids. These alkaloids act as a protective agent on the bone marrow, preventing platelet destruction in the blood.

Directions For Use:

Take 1 capsule of Absolute Papaya Extract Daily.

Recommended Dosage:

Take 1 capsule of Genetic Nutrition™ Absolute Papaya Extract daily, Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Our Manufacturers

A. Fermentis Life Science PVT.LTD.
Sector 8, Imt Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana 122051, India

B. Nutricore Biosciences PVT.LTD.
No. 18, Kohinoor, Varachha Main Rd, opp. GK Chambers, Mini Bazar, Kodiyar Nagar, Surat, Gujarat 395006, India

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