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Genetic Life

3 Nutrition Hacks For Instant Results

by Sandesh Prasannakumar 15 Nov 2019


Today I'm going to give you some practical advice which can have an immediate impact on your:


. Health

. Performance

. Fat loss

. Energy levels


I've been in this game for over 30 years, I've seen it all come and go. It's the basics which get overlooked today and I think it's because they aren't "trendy" enough for the faddy world we seem to live in today!


This is a "no-nonsense" list for you to crack on with, trust me it'll help ya!


1. Water

There are very few things which can have such a dramatic effect on your health, performance, fat loss and overall energy than hydration. If this is even slightly off, all of these things will suffer. It's the main ingredient in the transportation of nutrients around the body. Do NOT underestimate the power of water - I'd personally recommend around 1 litre per 30kg of body weight as a veteran's (yeah, OK, miserable old b*****ds) guestimate.

Oh, by the way… just to confuse you for one second…. just because I’ve told you to drink all this water, don’t assume the body is correctly hydrated. Something like a splash of EleteHydrate to one of your water servings is a good ‘insurance policy’ that ensures the minerals we need are present and correct. And please…..not water from the tap if possible. ‘Council Pop’ typically ain’t optimal ;-) !!


2. Fibre

Fibre can be split up into two lots - soluble and insoluble. Most people today don't eat enough and they are missing out on Soooo many benefits!! Not only that, the foods which we get fibre from (especially green veg!) are LOADED with phytonutrients and micronutrients which are absolutely brilliant for our health. Fibre will improve the health of your gut, help moderate insulin health and overall health.

Get those greens in, if your mam didn't make you eat them as a child because you would ‘kick-off’ every time you saw a piece of broccoli and you still do, then ‘take a greens-shot’ (greens powder) ya Uncle Neil formulated for you fussy buggers! OK, you might not like this much either but at least it’s over quickly and you’re getting the goodness you need on board in a swift hit!


3. Carb management

Loads of people are offended by the "C" word as where I'm definitely NOT a carbo-phob. BUT, managing when you eat your carbs will help improve your energy. In my 3 plus decades learning about nutrition I've come to realise having your carbs later in the day usually works best. Here's why.

Among other things, they cause a release in serotonin which is a "sleepy" hormone - not the sort of stuff you want bouncing around at 8am in the morning, aye?! Porridge and cereal for breakfast will be another topic for another rant.

I will say though, ectomorphs usually function better on carbs throughout the day as well. But they are a minority!


That's enough for one day, 3 GOLDEN tickets there for ya to crack on with man!

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