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Genetic Nutrition envisions a world where everyone, from elite athletes to individuals focused on their general well-being, can access clean-label sports nutrition supplements made with the cleanest ingredients and purest raw materials, ensuring trust, transparency, and effectiveness in every product.


Our mission at Genetic Nutrition is to democratize clean-label sports nutrition, offering products that cater to athletes and individuals seeking to enhance their overall health. We are committed to transparency, providing clear and honest labeling that reflects the integrity of our ingredients and manufacturing processes, empowering all individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Our Founder

Sandesh Prasannakumar, the visionary founder of Genetic Nutrition, is a professional superbike racer with nearly a decade of experience in the high-octane world of motorsports. Sandesh made history as the first Indian to line up in the Thailand SBK Championship and is the only Indian to have won a podium there. His illustrious career boasts three national championships and four international podiums, underscoring his exceptional talent and dedication.

With a deep-rooted passion for fitness, nutrition, and sports, Sandesh's journey naturally led him to establish Genetic Nutrition. His commitment to clean living and peak performance inspired him to create a clean label supplement brand. Genetic Nutrition aims to cater to the needs of athletes and lifestyle enthusiasts alike, providing high-quality, transparent, and effective sports nutrition products. Sandesh's unique blend of athletic achievement and commitment to clean nutrition drives the brand's mission to support optimal health and performance.

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