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All you need to know about pre workout

by SEO DIGITAL 20 Jan 2023

Everything about pre workout

With lifestyle changes, rises in stress and other issues, living a healthy lifestyle has become key today. Many people today look to improve their health and go over and above the standards and train hard to achieve their fitness goals. For this, they join a gym and follow intense training programs. However, many forget that the bodybuilding lifestyle isn’t all about training but also how you live your days after sessions. While everyone is aware of protein and other supplements people take to boost their results, consuming Pre workout meals or supplements are another popular practice these days to increase the effects of training and diet. Pre workout supplements are very helpful to achieve your fitness goals. 

Why use pre workout supplements?

You need to fuel yourself to keep optimum energy levels at the gym. While this means having a meal, it can get heavy on your stomach before training. Choosing pre workout supplements that aren’t heavy yet provide the energy you need is key. By choosing the right pre workout supplements, you avoid fatigue and injury and it allows you to stay focused and alert. Always go for a leading brand like Genetic Nutrition as these products involve extensive research in their development with scientific expertise of the market. Make sure you take pre workout supplements 30 minutes before you start training. Avoid taking it before bed to not let it hinder sleep quality as the effects can last for up to 6 hours.

Types of Pre Workout

Pre workouts are super convenient as they give you everything your body needs before a training session yet they don’t make you feel heavy while working out. There are certain supplements that help you stay energetic to train harder. Here are some of them - 


This is one of the vital molecules found in cells and extremely helpful in increasing power and strength of the muscles.It is one of the safest sports supplements taken among athletes. If you’re in a weight loss regime, creatine is mostly recommended as it involves you to train hard with a focus on multiple reps instead of increasing weight. It also helps increase muscle muscle and exercise performance. Creatine is a must have in terms of pre workout supplements.


No2 Supplements

No2 supplements like arginine, citrulline and other no2 boosters are extremely helpful in expanding arteries and veins. It promotes blood flow to easily deliver nutrients across your body. It helps pump up your muscles for better blood circulation.

B vitamins

Energy and blood production, DNA repairment, healthy skin and bigger muscles, vitamin B, B1, B2, B3 and others are important. It’s great to have them in your daily intake as a pre workout. These are great to promote overall health.

The best pre workout supplements

The pre workout supplements are very low in sugar. Many of them also have caffeine to stimulate mood. However, high levels of caffeine can have ill effects on the body so it’s best to avoid it. The best ones have very low caffeine or none at all. From the male perspective, it’s good to have pre workouts that boost testosterone like ashwagandha and other similar compounds.

Precaution regarding Pre Workout supplements

Stop taking the supplements if you are facing any of these side effects:

  • Jittering
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Digestion issues
  • Kidney damage
  • Mental health issues

It’s best to consult your doctor before taking a pre workout. Avoid them if you have medical issues that can get aggravated by taking these supplements. Take them only if you do intense workouts. Avoid them if your workouts are light.

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