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Budget Diets

by Sandesh Prasannakumar 07 Nov 2019

Usually the term ‘budget’ carries a sorta' stigma like. But if you are on a tight budget you can still eat a healthy diet. 

And one with all of the ‘Big Neil’ commandments. . . . . Which I know is very important to you right! ☺

I've lived off very restricted budgets at different times in my life, so I'll share some of the tips I used to stay on-point. And whilst I’m on a rant about budget here…I get the odd dig from people saying ‘I can’t afford to do what you say, blah, blah’.
OK, I accept this in certain circumstances, not all can run to free-range organic shiz most of the time. But, when Mr. I Can’t Afford It blows £200 a week on the piss, then we really need to assess our statements!

Anyhow, I digress. Again, lol. So……………

Be flexible with what foods you are going to eat this week. Look at what's on offer and take advantage of the savings. Some weeks you might be eating more salmon from the fish counter, other week’s mackerel. You get the picture like.

This one is golden: Get pally with ya' local butcher; it could save you a fortune man. Some will be good enough to let you buy at wholesale price if ya' buying more than your average grannie. Another good tip is to say you and 2 or 3 mates will buy your ‘bodybuilding’ food from them, if you get wholesale price. A smile and courtesy go a long way here too. Be grateful they are helping you. Win-Win and all that.

OK, I’m a right pain in the arse for organic-this, grass-fed that, I admit it but…don't be a food snob and over pay unnecessarily for things which you don't need to! If you are on a budget I'd opt for frozen veg over organic and get the better quality stuff in the meat aisle (if you haven’t got close to your butcher yet).

Local farms which sell eggs can be really cheap man but not only that, the quality is way better than the supermarkets! And check out the size of those bad-lads too ☺

There's some cool tips for you, eh?

Neil Johnson


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