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Collagen Peptides Vs Marine Collagen - Genetic Nutrition

Collagen Peptides Vs Marine Collagen

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Collagen Peptides Vs Marine Collagen

Collagen peptides and marine collagen differ in that collagen peptides can be taken from bovine, pig, or fish, whereas marine collagen can only be extracted from fish or marine invertebrates.

One of the most abundant structural proteins is collagen. Collagen, on the other hand, decays at varying rates. As a result, collagen supplementation is critical for preserving muscle strength, skin health, and bone health. As a result, there is a growing desire to ingest extra collagen protein as a preventative approach.


What exactly are collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides are short peptides that can be used as collagen supplements. They are peptides that are shorter in length than complete collagen proteins. This type of collagen allows for quicker collagen absorption and faster results.

Collagen peptides have a higher bioavailability. These peptides are created by controlling the enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen. Collagen can be obtained from bovine hide, bone, pigskin, or fish. Organic forms are now accessible. Collagen's triple helix structure is broken down into smaller peptides here.

The oral route is the most common way for collagen peptides to enter the body. Collagen peptides support a wide range of functionality, including skin and cartilage health, nail repair, muscle strength enhancement, and osteoporosis severity reduction. Collagen peptides are commonly found in many over-the-counter products that promote beauty as well as good health and wellbeing.


What exactly is Marine Collagen?

The collagen protein obtained from fish scales and skin, as well as marine invertebrates, is known as marine collagen.

This type of collagen is thought to be the most bioavailable of all collagen sources, including bovine and pigskin. The absorption rate of marine collagen is exceptionally high due to the compound's high bioavailability. To improve absorption, marine collagen is further hydrolyzed in some products.

To manufacture the commercial product, collagen is isolated from various sources and purified. Due to the high demand for marine collagen, research is currently underway to create recombinant fish kinds that produce collagen with improved properties. The benefits of marine collagen are comparable to those of other kinds of collagen, including the promotion of skin, bone, and muscle health. However, because this is considered the most premium source of collagen, it is more expensive.

Pescatarians consider marine collagen to be their only collagen option.


What are the Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Collagen Peptides and Marine Collagen?

  • Collagen peptides and marine collagen are supplements that primarily include collagen.
  • Protein is abundant in both.
  • Both products support the health of the skin, hair, bones, and muscles.
  • Furthermore, both are available as over-the-counter supplements.
  • Both may contain non-collagen-based elements such as vitamins and minerals.
  • Both are commercially available and promoted in the cosmetic and sports industries.

What Is the Difference Between Marine Collagen and Collagen Peptides?

The primary distinction between collagen peptides and marine collagen is the source. Collagen peptides can come from bovine, pig, fish, or even organic sources.

Marine collagen, on the other hand, is formed solely from marine fish and some marine invertebrates. Furthermore, hydrolysis is a required mechanism during the creation of collagen peptides. However, hydrolysis may or may not occur in marine collagen. Furthermore, marine collagen is an excellent complement for pescatarians.


Collagen Peptides vs. Marine Collagen: A Summary

Collagen peptides and marine collagen are two types of collagen that can be used as supplements. Hydrolyzed peptides generated from bovine, pigskin, fish, and marine invertebrates are known as collagen peptides. Marine collagen is generated from fish or invertebrates in the sea. This is the primary distinction between collagen peptides and marine collagen. Marine collagen can be in its natural state or hydrolyzed.

Collagen peptides and marine collagen both aid in the maintenance of skin, muscle, and bone health. Because both types of collagen have a high bioavailability, absorption rates are likewise high.

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