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Curcumin for bodybuilding - Genetic Nutrition

Curcumin for bodybuilding

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Curumin for bodybuilding

Turmeric, a spice frequently used in Asian and Indian cooking, is one of the best wellness tips for anyone trying to improve their health. It has numerous potent minerals and antioxidants that promote everything from blood sugar balance to muscular building. It is also an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

There is no shortage of ways to use this "gold" and enjoy the advantages, whether you want to blend it into a smoothie, add it to energy balls, or bake it into bread.

Top 5 Turmeric Benefits For Bodybuilding

Brings down inflammation

After a brutal workout, we've all experienced sore, throbbing muscles.

Inflammation can occasionally make getting up and moving around difficult, even on bad days, but this doesn't have to be the case.

The pain and discomfort may be lessened by taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, but turmeric offers a much more effective and all-natural method of reducing inflammation.

Curcumin may prevent the onset of inflammation and the subsequent inflammatory diseases by downregulating inflammatory mediators.

Despite the fact that some degree of inflammation is necessary for healing, excessive or persistent inflammation can severely hinder the process and prevent you from working out for days, weeks, or even months.

The potential of curcumin to lessen joint inflammation and arthritis, which speeds up recovery, may, however, be the biggest advantage for bodybuilders.

Safeguards joints

There is no denying the detrimental effects of bodybuilding and weight exercise in general, particularly on the joints.

High-frequency training with high volume and weights can cause uncomfortable, achy, inflamed joints and less than optimal motivation to return to the gym.

While relaxation is a crucial component of a well-rounded bodybuilding regimen, it's important to include supplements that promote joint health in order to shield them from inflammation and deterioration.

According to studies, ginger, another anti-inflammatory, and turmeric together can reduce the signs and symptoms of arthritis and enhance joint health.

May hasten healing and lessen discomfort in the muscles

Post-workout soreness is always a major issue with heavy, high-volume exercises, but if you can speed up your recovery to get you back to the gym quicker and stronger, why wouldn't you?

Turmeric is really like pure gold. Turmeric may be useful in this area due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Get some turmeric if you're concerned about persistent performance losses brought on by sore muscles and muscle injury from eccentric training.

However, keep in mind that some experts contend that muscle injury spurs muscle growth, thus substituting curcumin or turmeric may backfire and prevent you from developing certain muscular adaptations.

Decreases fatigue

With no stamina, intensive training is practically impossible. The top bodybuilders can maintain their stamina while working through high-volume training regimens; if you're having trouble, curcumin may be able to help.

The feeling of exhaustion often results from activity above one's normal capacity, and it can happen quickly during bodybuilding training, resulting in a reduction in work production and muscle adaptations.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) may be a contributing role in oxidative skeletal muscle fatigue through cell membrane integrity damage caused by lipid peroxidation, despite the fact that numerous explanations have been put out for the development of weariness during physical exercise.

Could increase testosterone levels

You should increase your testosterone levels if you want to gain the most muscle (and your androgen receptors).

The male hormone known as testosterone is in charge of controlling, among other things, the amount of body fat, muscle mass, and desire.

Yet it also lowers your risk of developing metabolic and vascular conditions, as well as safeguards your brain from cognitive decline.

Natural supplements have shown promise for men who struggle to maintain normal levels of testosterone and growth hormone, even though resistance training is a guaranteed way to raise these levels.

So, how may turmeric and curcumin be helpful? Despite the fact that many studies are conducted on breast cancer patients, research indicates that curcumin has anti-estrogen activity that inhibits endogenous oestrogen by competing with it.

High oestrogen does affect testosterone levels and the capability to grow muscle mass, though perhaps not to the same an extent in men.

Yet in any event, higher levels of testosterone are usually associated with better gains, greater strength, and a better body. Whilst it won't hurt, keep in mind that turmeric or curcumin won't have the same effects as, say, a natural testosterone booster.


The addition of turmeric can enhance joint health, lessen inflammation, lessen muscle damage and pain, lower levels of circulating oestrogen, and minimise tiredness in bodybuilders seeking to construct the greatest potential physique.

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