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Does Mass Gainer Really Increase Weight? - Genetic Nutrition

Does Mass Gainer Really Increase Weight?

, by Genetic Nutrition, 6 min reading time

Many people use supplements like mass gainers in their search for higher body weight and muscle mass. These products guarantee to make it more simple for individuals to arrive at their weight goals. Of the multitude of options accessible, the Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack has attracted interest because of its strong claims. However, the significant question stands: can a mass gainer, for example, Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack, make you gain weight? Let's explore the study of mass gainers and check whether they satisfy everyone's expectations.

What are Mass Gainers

Supplements called "mass gainers" are made to give a high-calorie admission (for the most part, from proteins and carbs) to advance weight gain and muscle building. The objective is to add additional calories to your standard eating routine that will help with weight gain, especially when your normal eating routine and exercise routine are inadequate on their own. To create a nourishing profile that is well-balanced, they regularly contain a blend of nutrients, minerals, and sometimes fats. 

The Role of Calories in Weight Gain

The fundamental reason for weight gain is the ratio of calories consumed to calories expelled. The objective of mass gainers, for example, Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack, is to work with the fulfilment of this calorie surplus without requiring a high usage of whole food sources, which can be troublesome and impractical for many individuals. It would help if you took in additional calories than your body ousts to put on weight. The additional calories in this diet supply the energy expected for fat capacity and muscular structure. 

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A Closer Look - Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack

A top-notch mass gainer called Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack is planned to help individuals achieve their weight gain goals. An even blend of premium proteins, carbs, and healthy fats can productively help muscle building and recovery. Let's find out what differentiates these supplements from others.

Calorie Surplus

Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack's huge calorie content is the fundamental way it could contribute to weight gain. This product makes it simpler to arrive at a calorie excess, particularly for individuals who experience quick digestion systems or experience issues eating a great deal of food. Gaining weight is almost certain in the event that your caloric admission surpasses your consumption rate consistently. 

Genetics and Individual Metabolism

Although genetic nutrition mass attacks can supply the fundamental calories and supplements, every individual's experience will be unique. Your metabolic rate and hereditary composition both hugely affect how rapidly you put on weight. Certain individuals have normally sped-up digestion systems, which makes it harder for them to gain weight in any event when they consume a greater number of calories than they burn. 

Absorption and Nutrient Timing

Genetic Nutrition, Mass Attack's mix of quick and slow-processing proteins, ensures that your muscles get a sufficient amount of amino acids. The supplement's carbs additionally help recharge glycogen stores, stay away from muscle breakdown, and advance long-term energy levels. This steady flow is fundamental for muscle development and repair, especially following rigorous activity. 

Diet and Consistency

Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack should be utilised consistently with a healthy eating regimen and regular practice to be impactful. To adjust the supplement and ensure a well-balanced eating regimen, whole meals high in proteins, carbs, and healthy fats should be incorporated. Results from inconsistent use or dependence on supplements without considering the nature of the food are likely subpar. 

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Benefits of Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack

Muscle Recovery

Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack contains a mix of proteins that digest rapidly and gradually, which advances muscle development and recovery. This blend ensures that muscles have a consistent progression of amino acids, which is significant for long-term muscle repairs and synthesis following strenuous activity.

Balanced Nutrition

Its finished dietary profile advances energy levels, strong development, and general well-being, making it a helpful supplement for acquiring muscle and gaining weight. An even mix of proteins, carbs, and fats is presented by Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack, along with crucial nutrients and minerals. 

Energy Boost

It supports endurance and execution, empowering more useful training sessions and general ordinary vitality by offering a predictable inventory of carbs. Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack replenishes glycogen stores, giving prolonged energy to day-to-day errands and exercise. 

Drawbacks and Considerations of Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack

Digestive Issues

Some individuals might encounter swelling or stomach-related distress because of the high protein and calorie content. To diminish the risk of gastrointestinal issues and ensure the ideal processing and retention, it is significant to watch out for consumption and adjust serving sizes as the need arises. 

Calorie Excess 

To prevent any expected hindering effects on body synthesis, it's basic to offset supplement use with a healthy eating routine and customary activity.  Over-dependence on mass gainers could bring about overconsumption of calories and accidental weight gain. 


Practical supplementation requires evaluating cost viability and considering more affordable choices. When contrasted with full food sources, premium muscle gainers like Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack may be expensive. 

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Genetic Nutrition Mass Attack may be a helpful asset for individuals who are experiencing difficulty putting on weight with diet alone. To utilise it successfully, however, one should embrace a balanced methodology that incorporates total meals and a decent way to deal with both activity and diet. However, their best outcomes come from an exhaustive arrangement that is modified to every client's necessities and goals.

Visit the Genetic Nutrition website today and explore quality nutrition supplements and mass gainers to meet your fitness goals.


  1. Do mass gainers cause unwanted fat gain?

Moderation is the key. Use them carefully in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine. When taken inappropriately, mass gainers can prompt accidental weight gain. They contain a great deal of calories and, much of the time, fats and carbs.

  • Can I consume mass gainers if I’m a beginner?
  • Indeed, mass gainers are helpful for beginners. To ensure it accommodates your goals, talk with a nutritionist or clinical expert. However, it is important to begin with a healthy eating regimen and customary activity. 

  • Will a mass gainer make me gain fat or muscle?
  • They could bring about weight gain if you don't practise as expected. It depends on your exercise and dietary habits. In addition to strength preparation, mass gainers can help with muscle development. 

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