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Dosage Guide: How Much Shilajit Should You Take Daily? - Genetic Nutrition

Dosage Guide: How Much Shilajit Should You Take Daily?

, by Genetic Nutrition, 5 min reading time

Ayurvedic medication has long valued shilajit, a strong regular chemical, for its numerous well-being benefits. Shilajit is a mineral-rich resin that comes from the Himalayan mountains. It was made over ages by the breakdown of plant debris. Then again, realising the right measurement is fundamental to enhancing its benefits and preventing any possible adverse effects. The capacity of this supplement to work on general health, increase mental capability, and further develop actual performance is presently recognised on a worldwide scale. 

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is an Ayurvedic medicine recognised for various health benefits.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Shilajit's antioxidant characteristics safeguard brain tissue from oxidative damage, working on mental performance. This makes it an incredible supplement for individuals hoping to increase mental clarity and mental capability since it assists with memory, concentration, and general brain well-being.

Improve Physical Performance

Competitors frequently use Shilajit to build their solidarity and endurance. Because of its adaptogenic characteristics, which likewise help the body conquer physical stress, it is a popular choice for upgrading general sports execution and recovery. This natural supplement increases energy generation and diminishes exhaustion by improving mitochondrial action. 

Boost Energy Levels

Shilajit is a successful supplement for preventing weariness and improving general health since this normal cycle rejuvenates the body at a principal level, giving prolonged energy and vigour. By improving mitochondrial activity and helping cell energy generation, shilajit raises energy levels. 

Managing Stress

This natural adaptation upholds emotional balance, which makes it a valuable dietary supplement for anybody hoping to lessen stress and upgrade their overall emotional fitness. Since shilajit decreases anxiety, advances relaxation, and controls the body's response to stresses, its adaptogenic characteristics assist with stress management. 

Determining the Right Dosage

The perfect proportion of Shilajit relies upon various factors, including age, fitness, and specific fitness goals. Let's take a look at expansive suggestions for sorting out how much Shilajit is proper for different uses every day.

Muscle Recovery and Physical Performance

A more prominent amount of Shilajit might help athletes and anybody improve and recover from wounds quicker. This procedure ensures a steady progression of Shilajit's beneficial parts to help active work and recovery. It is recommended that a day-to-day admission of 1000-1500 mg further develop strength, endurance, and recovery. Take this sum in separate portions over the day, preferably with meals, for the best advantages. 

General Health and Wellness

Much of the time, a lesser dosage of Shilajit is sufficient to keep up with general fitness. To accomplish the greatest advantages without overconsumption, it is desirable to start at the lower end of the reach and logically increase based on your body's reaction. The recommended everyday dose goes from 250 to 500 mg. This amount upholds resistant framework capability, increases energy levels, and improves overall health. 

Managing Chronic Conditions

While using Shilajit to deal with long-term conditions like diabetes, joint inflammation, or weariness, the portion ought to be changed in light of the particular requirements of the client and observed by a clinical expert. Frequent assessment by a clinical expert ensures the ideal side effect and works on personal satisfaction. Normally, the measurement is somewhere in the range of 500 and 1500 mg every day, with changes made for the severity of the sickness. 

Cognitive Enhancement

For those hoping to work on their psychological clarity and mental execution, a little bit of Shilajit may be useful. Taking the portion in two segments — one AM and one PM — further develops retention and ensures long-term support for comprehension, memory, and general mind capability. The suggested day-to-day measurements for the greatest mental impacts are somewhere in the range of 500 and 1000 mg. 

How to Consume Shilajit for Optimum Results

The measurements and adequacy of Shilajit may be impacted by how it is taken. Each form — resin, powder, capsules, and tablets — offers unique benefits. The strongest structure, shilajit resin, should be taken a few times per day in a pea-sized sum (around 250-500 mg) blended in warm water or milk. Shilajit powder is adaptable and might be promptly added to smoothies or water. A spoon or scale ought to be utilised to gauge the recommended portion of 250-500 mg of shilajit powder. Choosing the right structure will advance the ideal assimilation and usage of Shilajit's fitness-advancing characteristics while also fitting in with personal preferences and lifestyles. As another option, premeasured portions of Shilajit capsules or tablets — commonly 1-2 units each day as coordinated on the packaging — provide convenience. 


It's critical to know the amount Shilajit requires every day to expand its benefits and diminish any potential dangers. Tweaking the measurement to meet your singular necessities is fundamental, whether you will probably work on overall health, oversee persistent sicknesses, work on athletic performance, or work on mental capability. You can then securely and effectively take on this deep-rooted cure into your ongoing well-being routine. Continuously start with more modest measurements, talk with a specialist, and select premium Shilajit products. Visit the website of Genetic Nutrition today.


  • How much Shilajit should athletes take to enhance performance?
  • When taken in staggered portions over the day, preferably with meals, a greater dose of 1000-1500 mg each day is useful for athletes and anybody who takes part in extremely proactive tasks.

    1. What is the recommended daily dosage of Shilajit for general health?

    Depending upon how your body responds, begin at the lower end of the range and dynamically increase. One ought to take 250-500 mg every day for general health and well-being. 

  • What is the best way to consume Shilajit?
  • Shilajit comes in tablet, powder, pill, and resin structure. The strongest substance is gum, which ought to be disintegrated in warm water or milk in a pea-sized sum (250-500 mg). The structure chosen ought to fit the way of life and individual inclinations. Though containers and tablets give convenient pre-estimated portions, the powder can be added to drinks.

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