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How to KILL Cravings

by Sandesh Prasannakumar 07 Nov 2019

Man when I'm craving a Cornetto and it's not the right time to have one I can get the s**t-carb munchies, and it starts to distract me like!

We've all been there, cravings start to tap you on the shoulder and before you know it you’ve managed to convince y'self it's a good idea.

But I’m going to share 3 things you can do now to manage your cravings and possibly stop them in most cases.

Sugar cravings kick in because you’re letting your blood sugar levels dip a bit too low man. So by being smart you can manage this shit easily.

1. Fat: Y’know I'm a big fat man (not literally like……..barrrrompha……I get that one in every time, lol) and this is another advantage of having enough fat in our diet. Fats slow down digestion of foods and help moderate insulin spikes and drops. This means less quick-fix cravings!

2. Fibre: Fibre is one of the best ways to manage your blood-sugar levels. It will slow down the digestion of meals and again help moderate any rapid rise in insulin levels which will always be followed by a big drop. A great way to increase fibre intake is using ‘Greens’ drink. You'll see a difference within 3-5 days!

3. Sugars: Don't snack on sugary shit, especially in isolation because this will propel ya' blood sugar levels through the ceiling and then they'll come down even quicker. What goes up ‘n’ all that! Then 30 minutes later ya' cravings are kicking off again. Not smart man! We’re constantly riding a sugar-insulin wave with all the associated down-falls.

Try and implement the above and see how your cravings subside. Oh, and if you haven’t already…..hang the ‘fat is bad for us’ hat on the spike once and for all, eh?

Neil Johnson

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