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Is Milk Thistle Good for Bodybuilding? - Genetic Nutrition

Is Milk Thistle Good for Bodybuilding?

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milk thistle for bodybuilding.

Since the dawn of civilization, people have been experimenting with, studying, and using a wide variety of extracts and nutrients that are produced naturally by both plants and animals. Natural enzymes are now known to function more effectively and for a longer period of time than any of their manufactured alternatives.

A plant typically found in the Mediterranean region called milk thistle is renowned for its capacity to treat and prevent numerous liver conditions as well as elevated cholesterol levels. The herb is currently produced on every continent for medicinal purposes. Scotch Thistle, Mediterranean Milk Thistle, Blessed Milk Thistle, and Mary Thistle are additional names for the plant.


What is Milk Thistle used for?

The Milk Thistle plant forms a conical shape as it develops, with a broad branch at the base and a tapering stem producing purple flowers or fruits. Because a white liquid flows out when the leaves are pulled, the leaves' milky white veins symbolise milk, and they get their name. The technical name for milk thistle, Silybum Marianum, is a powerhouse of essential enzymes that are utilised to create antioxidant supplements.

The liver care pills and liver capsules that are manufactured for these supplements. Silymarin, a flavonoid complex made up of silybin, silydianin, and silychrisin, is one of the main enzymes found in milk thistle.


What does Milk Thistle consist of?

The majority of the poisons and free radicals that enter our systems from pollution, drunkenness, and sedentary lifestyles are stored in the liver, our second-largest organ after the skin. These poisons harm the liver and make it incapable of performing its functions. Here is where milk thistle can help.

Silymarin is the main component derived from milk thistle. We get silymarin, silybin, silydianin, and silychrisin from silymarin. When these enzymes are eaten, the body is better able to eliminate all pollutants naturally. This silymarin which protects the liver, also promotes good blood flow, which results in healthy cells throughout the body. These cells improve organ performance, which results in good skin, reduced cholesterol levels, and a sharp mind.

Milk thistle extracts are available conveniently and have a variety of purposes, but bodybuilders frequently utilize them to support a healthy liver and increase the size and strength of their muscles. The market is filled with a range of milk thistle capsules and liver care capsules. These are mostly utilized by athletes as they lose vital nutrients during strenuous exercises, which might compromise the function of their livers. As a result, milk thistle supports liver detoxification to get rid of toxins and free radicals while also regenerating liver cells.


The benefits of Milk Thistle

The most noticeable advantages cited by customers from all over the world are that it increases bodybuilders' endurance by preserving liver support and supplying essential antioxidants that the human body cannot naturally create.

Also, Milk thistle is frequently consumed by women to regulate blood circulation and get rid of weakness. It is still up for debate whether or not physicians should advise using milk thistle Silymarin for children with weak livers or poor digestion. Apart from that, milk thistle also helps with the following:


1. Improves skin health

Milk thistle could support the growth of healthy skin. When applied to mice's skin, it was discovered in a 2015 study that it helped to reduce inflammatory skin disorders.

Another study conducted by researchers discovered that milk thistle has antioxidant and anti-aging benefits on human skin cells in a lab setting. It was discovered in a 2019 study that milk thistle's chemical constituents may slow down skin ageing and protect against the negative effects of sun exposure.

To determine the advantages a person might anticipate from applying milk thistle to their skin, researchers must conduct further human studies.


2. Reduces cholesterol

High cholesterol can affect one's heart health and raise their risk of stroke. Despite being inconclusive, some evidence suggests that milk thistle may have an effect on blood cholesterol levels.

According to a 2006 research, milk thistle may help lower cholesterol levels. It was shown that patients taking milk thistle to treat diabetes had lower cholesterol levels than those receiving a placebo.

In a 2016 study, rats were given a diet rich in cholesterol. They observed that the rats that received silybin (the milk thistle's active ingredient) at doses of 300 and 600 mg/kg of body weight had considerably reduced levels of triglycerides and total blood cholesterol.


3. Helps in weight loss

In the initial animal studies done in 2016, it was shown that silymarin produced weight loss in mice that were fed a diet designed to make them gain weight.

This implies that milk thistle may help those who want to reduce weight. To be certain of this, additional research on milk thistle's effects on weight reduction in people is required.



Because silymarin, a strong antioxidant found in milk thistle, is its active component, milk thistle offers a number of possible health advantages.

Many bodybuilders and people who wish to stay healthy in general take milk thistle tablets as these are easily available and allow one to reap all the benefits discussed above. Genetic Nutrition’s Absolute Liver Detox contain the Silymarin extract and is made using the best of ingredients sourced from the UK.

Before beginning to take milk thistle or any other supplement, it is always a good idea to check with a healthcare provider because it may interfere with certain drugs or medical conditions.

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