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Is Your Coffee Right?

by Sandesh Prasannakumar 07 Nov 2019

Who doesn't like coffee? I love the stuff and I bet you do too! 

Now then, I know I blasted over use of caffeine awhile ago, so I know you’ve recalibrated your thinking about consumption, right?

So assuming we now have a handle on the amount we take in, let’s look at how we drink it ;)

I'm not going to get into comparing your choice of coffee with mine, or play coffee ‘Top Trumps’ with you coffee snobs out there……

What I'm really getting at today is adding things to your coffee.

Three things, such as:

1. Virgin coconut oil
2. Organic double cream
3. Grass-fed butter

Yup, fats!

Now then, please pay attention here. It IS important that you understand the application and timings of the fats I mention as their additions can be of benefit or chuck a spanner in the works.

Coconut oil is loaded with health benefits, it's great for cooking food in for example, or putting in your hair/rubbing on your body, if you’re into that type of thing. But it's also a great ingredient to stir in with ya favourite blend from your favourite continent. Here's why. . . . .

Amongst other gut-health properties, coconut oil is very high in MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which are a very good, quick source of energy. The liver metabolises MCT fats instantly, just like it would a fast acting carb….but without the crash. So what I'm saying is, have this in ya' coffee to start the day and before you train.

It’s a bit ‘marmite’ mind, you'll either love it or you’ll hate it.

Timing: In your morning coffee or pre-training. Watch your caffeine intake if it’s an evening session though, yes?

Organic double cream is loaded with healthy fats, but if I'm honest this stuff just tastes f***ing unbelievable in ya' coffee like. It’s a single ingredient food and please, if I haven’t made you think about out-dated views on fat intake/cholesterol and made myself clear on such….email me!

Timing: Not pre-workout! These fats are a lot heavier than coconut oil and take a lot longer to be broken down to be used as energy by the body. If it’s your first cuppa of the day however…champion!

Grass-fed butter? In my coffee? Howay Neil, you’re taking the p***, right? Nope! Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! A nice, lightly salted butter with coconut oil in my coffee is a cracking way to start the day.

Timing: As per double cream. Not to be taken on board immediately pre-training please. But as a morning application (I’m an evening trainer), this aids in my fat intake and hitting my daily kCal macros.

Either way. Getting more fat into your diet isn't difficult, just ‘pimp ya coffee!’ Oh, and no sugar please ☺

Neil Johnson

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