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Omega-3 and Osteoporosis: Strengthening Bones and Preventing Fractures - Genetic Nutrition

Omega-3 and Osteoporosis: Strengthening Bones and Preventing Fractures

, by Genetic Nutrition, 8 min reading time

Osteoporosis is a condition, which entails increased bone fragility and fracture prevalence affecting millions. Mass thinning is a natural process, and as a result of ageing, the bones become weak such that they break easily. Calcium and vitamin D are the usual nutrients to consider for bone health but there are indications that omega 3 fatty acid intake might be helpful as well.

This blog focuses on the possible role of omega-3s in maintaining healthy bones and this post elaborates how the inclusion of omega-3s in the diet or supplementing it can help in avoiding osteoporosis.

Understanding Osteoporosis: The Silent Threat

Majority of the time osteoporosis is asymptomatic, mainly presenting with a decline in the bone mass until it is accompanied by fracture. Therefore, it can be looked at as preventive health which patients considered at risk for the disease, especially those of post menopausal women and those with family history of osteoporosis.

Several factors contribute to bone loss, including:

  • Age: Bone density reduces in the amount with age; however, the peak density is attained and is in young adults.
  • Hormonal Changes: Oestrogen is very important in the maintenance of bone. During menopause, women’s bones get depleted of oestrogen and as a result, bone loss is enhanced.
  • Diet: If people take less calcium and vitamin D they will be in less energy and bones also become weak.
  • Lifestyle: Habits such as smoking, drinking and lack of physical activity we found are causes of bone loss.

Omega-3s: Potential Allies in Bone Health

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats popularly known for their ability to maintain a healthy heart. Nevertheless, new studies indicate that diet coke might also have benefits in relaxing bone strength. Here's how:

  • Reduced Inflammation: It was also found that chronic inflammation raises the levels of bone breakdown. Omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory effect, which could halt the process described above.
  • Improved Calcium Absorption: Omega-3s are thought to possibly improve calcium metabolism because it is important for bone mineralization.
  • Bone Cell Activity: Omega-3s may alter the processes which are occurring in the cells of the bone, which in turn may increase bone formation and decrease breakdown.

Research on Omega-3s and Osteoporosis Prevention

While research on omega-3s and osteoporosis is ongoing, some studies offer promising results:

  • Animal Studies: Researches done with mice have found out that omega-3 has capabilities of preventing bone loss.
  • Observational Studies: On the basis of observations, it is reported that omega-3 plays a role in increasing the density of bones.

Nevertheless, prospective human interventions on a mass scale have not yet conclusively overarched omega-3s’ efficacy for preventing osteoporosis.

Can Omega-3 Supplements Help with Osteoporosis Prevention?

As for now, there is insufficient conclusive evidence that omega-3s can prevent osteoporosis, but they can at least be included in your getting-a-great-bone-look plan that is a bone healthy diet and exercise. Here's what to consider:

  • Dietary Sources: EPA and DHA are the most important Omega-3s essential for the body and these are abundant in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines among others. It is recommended to consume 2-3 portions per week, which can be achieved by incorporating high-fish products and foods into one's routine.
  • Supplements: Sources such as fish oil capsules, rich in omega-3 serve as an easy way of taking in the recommended amounts. Try to find the right manufacturer’s supplements that balance EPA and DHA.

As a matter of importance, it is advisable always to seek medical advice before using any supplement if you have complications or other medical conditions or are on other medications.

Beyond Omega-3s: A Holistic Approach to Bone Health

However, with omega-3s’ potential comes the knowledge that balanced approaches are necessary for the support of bone structure. Here are additional strategies to consider:

  • Calcium and Vitamin D: It is recommended that adult persons should consume one thousand mg of calcium daily while Vitamin D should be consumed in the range of four-hundred and eight hundred International units daily either from the foods they consume or through supplements.
  • Weight-Bearing Exercise: Regarding pharmacology, it is good to walk, run, dance, do other exercises that press the bones, so as to enable formation of new bones and retaining the mass.
  • Lifestyle Modifications: Do not take cigarettes and alcohol and make sure that one refines the right diet required for the bones.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Bone Health

Like every other disease, osteoporosis is something one should fear, but is not something that one should just wait for, to happen to one as there are ways and measures that can be taken to greatly minimise the risk. A bone healthy diet that consists of moderate amounts of energy, protein, fibre, potassium and phosphorus exclusive of sodium, coupled with adequate calcium, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, augmented by increased levels of physical activity including walking and resistance training, provide for an improved health for prevention of a break down of the bones and a resultant ossification of the bone mass.

At Genetic Nutrition, our wide array of osteoporosis prevention supplements are strictly sourced and of top quality, featuring calcium, vitamin D, and omega 3 fish oil capsules. We also give consultation so that you can get to know the right supplements to take depending on the specific need that you have.

Drop by our website or share your concerns with our nutritionist on board now to know more and take that first step towards a healthier you and denser bones!


  1. What is the correct daily dose of omega-3 that will be effective in maintaining the quality of bones?

Unfortunately, there can’t be such a thing as a ‘recommended’ dose in terms of bone health. But according to the data given by the American Heart Association, most healthy adults should take 1000 mg of the combined amounts of EPA and DHA per day.

  1. What are the effects of omega 3’s on the human body?

Taking omega-3 supplements is known to be safe, but there could be side effects for some people. However, some may be BFS, for instance, they may burp with a fishy smell, or even have heartburn problems or loose bowel movements. It is essential to speak with your healthcare provider if you develop any side effects that are uncomfortable for you.

  1. Can I hope to get my required daily intake of omega-3 from plant sources?

plant sources like flaxseeds, walnuts and others also contain another type of omega-3 known as alpha- linolenic acid (ALA) however the body has a lower capability of converting these into EPA and DHA. Hence, these different nutrients point towards the fact that depending on just plant sources of nutrition may provide inadequate support to bone health.

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