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Setting Bench Press Goals: What's a Good Weight in Kilograms? - Genetic Nutrition

Setting Bench Press Goals: What's a Good Weight in Kilograms?

, by Genetic Nutrition, 6 min reading time

Establishing goals for bench pressing plays a role in any regimen, enabling individuals to monitor progress and stay motivated to push themselves further during each training session. For those who prefer using kilograms as their unit of measurement, determining what is a good weight in kilograms can pose a challenge. The key is to begin with a weight that provides a challenge without compromising technique. Typically, beginners are advised to aim for a starting weight of 50 or 60% of their body weight in kilograms. As one's strength improves, setting goals to reach 1 1.5 times their body weight is a milestone for intermediate lifters. 

Understanding Bench Press Goals

Establishing goals for bench pressing is an aspect of embarking on a fitness journey. By setting attainable goals, individuals can monitor their advancement. Adjust their workout routines accordingly. When deciding on a weight to aim for in kilograms, it's essential to take into account factors like your fitness level, experience in weightlifting, and overall strength. It's advisable to start with a weight that presents a challenge yet feels manageable and then increase the load as you build strength. 

Factors Influencing Bench Press Performance

Various factors impact one's ability to excel in bench press performance, shaping the outcomes of individuals striving to reach their bench press targets. These elements comprise muscle strength, physique, workout routine and form. By considering these aspects, people can establish weight objectives in kilograms and strive to enhance their overall bench press capabilities.

Experience Level

To fully maximise your bench press abilities, it's important to set goals that are challenging but within reach. By keeping tabs on your progress and continuously pushing yourself, you can turn your journey into an exciting adventure filled with gains and improvements.

Body Weight

Discovering the mysteries of managing body weight is crucial when delving into fitness aspirations, such as setting benchmarks for bench pressing. Recognising your abilities, practising posture, and establishing achievable goals tailored to your personal strength levels are fundamental aspects of attaining triumph in endeavours related to strength training.

Training Frequency and Intensity

Becoming adept at managing the frequency and intensity of your training plays a role in reaching your desired bench press targets. By challenging yourself with weights and upping your intensity level, you can monitor your advancements and eventually hit a significant weight milestone in kilograms. It's essential to establish goals that push you out of your comfort zone. 


The genetic makeup plays a role in determining the weight one can lift during a bench press, underscoring the importance of setting fitness goals. By seeking advice and staying dedicated, establishing a lifting weight in kilograms can be within reach.

Setting Realistic Bench Press Goals

Setting goals for improving your bench press at the gym can really boost your strength training routine. By pushing yourself beyond what you think is possible and aiming for milestones, you give yourself the opportunity to reach levels of fitness excellence. The weight you should aim for in kilograms depends on your state. 

Start With Your Current Strength Level

It's important to set goals when it comes to bench pressing if you want to make progress in your strength training journey. The key is to begin with your level of strength and gradually increase the weight as you go along. By establishing a starting weight in kilograms, you can track your progress. Challenge yourself effectively. 

Gradually Increase Weight

To make improvements in muscle strength and size, it's important to add more weight during bench press workouts. Begin with a doable weight. Steadily work your way up to a weight that lets you perform at your best. This approach is essential for setting bench press goals in kilograms.  

Focus on Form and Technique

Understanding the fundamentals of form and technique is essential for establishing goals in bench pressing. Maintaining posture using the grip width and activating the appropriate muscle groups are vital factors in succeeding in this workout. By adding weight while honing your form, you can identify a kilogram weight to aim for and monitor your advancement efficiently.

Determining a Good Bench Press Weight in Kilograms

When you're planning your bench press targets, it's crucial to get the hang of estimating weights in kilograms so you can monitor your progress accurately. The ideal weight to strive for varies based on things like how fit you are, your age, and how much experience you have. 


When you're new to bench pressing, it's crucial to establish goals. A great milestone is lifting your body weight in kilograms, which presents a realistic goal for beginners. To kick off your journey, concentrate on maintaining technique, slowly upping the weight, and tuning into your body to avoid getting hurt. Keep in mind that progress doesn't happen overnight, so stay persistent and stick to your workout routine.


For those who're at a level in weightlifting and want to establish bench press targets in kilograms, it's advisable to pick a weight that pushes them but remains manageable. Starting with a weight of 60-75 % of their maximum single rep lift and then incrementally raising the load as they advance is recommended. The crucial elements for enhancing strength and performance include setting goals and monitoring progress diligently.


Setting ambitious bench press goals involves selecting the weight in kilograms to test yourself without overdoing it soon. A smart approach is to figure out your lift and then steadily raise the bar from that point onwards. It's crucial to prioritise technique and pay attention to your body signals to avoid harm and optimise your gains.  


When you're planning your bench press targets, it's crucial to think about factors like your experience level, overall fitness and body weight. For newbies, a good starting point could be lifting around half to 60 per cent of your body weight. As you progress to a level, aiming for 75-85 per cent of your body weight is a good goal. Advanced lifters may even push themselves to lift their body weight or more. 
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