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The Role of Whey Protein in Preventing Age-Related Muscle Loss

by SEO DIGITAL 01 Sep 2023

Whey protein

As we grow older, our body starts showing signs of aging slowly. Aging is a natural process and often the signs of aging can be delayed if not prevented. Elderly people often lose their appetite and eat less than the desired quantity. Also, the absence of balanced nutrition during old age can cause serious health conditions.

With a lack of a protein-rich diet, they can lose muscle mass that makes them weak and fragile. It can also lead to several other diseases like cognitive impairment, poor immunity, low bone density, etc. Hence, it is important to maintain a healthy diet packed with essential nutrients. Whey proteins have a range of health benefits that can boost longevity by preventing muscle loss. 

Reversing the Early Signs of Ageing!

With increasing age, we face many issues that prevent us look and feel young anymore. The joints start paining, the vision is reduced, the hairline recedes, etc. We often use dying agents to cover the grey hairs. Dentures, braces, and fillers are there to address dental issues. Laser therapies, botox, fillers, and other techniques are used to remove the wrinkles from face and make one look younger. There is a huge market across the world for anti-aging creams and health supplements.

Whey protein is often used as a supplement to build muscle mass among sportspersons and bodybuilders. It is often recommended to grow muscles and to burn excess fat leading to effective weight loss. It is also widely used in defying the aging process. Our skin loses elasticity, and muscles in our body lose mass significantly with increased age. Consumption of protein in a recommended quantity and in any form may decrease muscle loss due to old age. 

What is Whey Protein?

Whey is the watery portion of milk after the milk solids are separated during the production of cheese or other dairy products. This transparent liquid is a powerhouse of protein and can help in building lean muscle mass. It also prevents ailments related to obesity and inactivity, such asa hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. People with old age often suffer from weakness, and other issues, especially after a prolonged hospitalization.

They deal with weak muscles which doesn’t let their bodies function well. Whey is a rich source of amino acids and other nutrients that are essential for obtaining healthy muscles, weight loss, and longevity. Whey protein powder is recommended for athletes for better endurance and strength. The anti-aging benefits of whey protein boost healthy weight gain and muscle mass, making it a popular choice for medical practitioners associated with patient care. 

Whey Protein promotes Weight Loss

Obesity is common in today’s generation which leads to several other serious ailments. With ever-evolving technology, humans are less active physically. The lockdown phase during the recent pandemic shook the world’s population restricting them to confine within their homes. This led to inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. An inactive lifestyle with a nutrition-deficient diet brings harmful effects on the human body. Not only it leads to obesity, but this unhealthy lifestyle can cause fatal diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, hypertension, and many more.

The unhealthy fat accumulation in the body should be addressed with high concern. Opting for an active lifestyle and a healthy diet can gradually help in losing excess weight. Protein powder for weight loss is an ideal choice that can help in the weight loss journey by improving metabolism and reducing appetite. It also helps in preserving muscle mass boosting stamina and vigour.

Where to purchase Whey Protein powder?

Protein shakes for weight loss or building muscles are easily available in medical stores and online vendors. Many gyms and fitness centers also promote and sell whey protein shakes to their customers.  Most stores do not need a medical prescription to sell whey protein supplements. However, this practice should not be encouraged as it might have negative effects on people with specific health conditions. It is always advisable to consult a medical practitioner before you start consuming these supplements. 

Seek medical advice to prevent ill effects

There are certain medical conditions where whey protein can be harmful leading to fatal consequences. The physician or nutritionist will check your health statistics and prescribe the right dosage. This will prevent undesirable conditions and maximize the benefits of protein powder. If self-prescribed, you must strictly follow the serving instructions clearly printed on the label.

Protein intake beyond a certain level can harm the body in many ways. It can disrupt the proper functioning of the digestive system or the kidneys. Also, if sufficient protein is included in the diet, through the consumption of protein-rich food items, there is no need to opt for whey proteins.  Remember, like vitamins, whey proteins are supplements that can help address nutritional deficiencies. Thus, it is necessary to discuss your diet plan, and medical history with a medical expert.

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