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by Sandesh Prasannakumar 13 Oct 2019

Bloating has everything to do with fat loss and building muscle because:


If you’re bloated then you will probably have an unpredictable appetite followed by cravings If you’re bloated you won’t be as metabolically efficient If you’re bloated you won’t recover as quickly because your muscles won’t get nutrients as easily If you’re bloated your performance won’t be as good in the gym which is where the stimulus for results come from You get the theme, bloating is going to mess everything up! So how do you fix it? That’s a long story but here are 3 things you can do to help it…


1. Gut Support 

The gut has never been under more stress than it is today because of the modern way of life. Antibiotics are more readily used in the food chain than ever before which you end up eating. You’re getting less nutritious food on your plate. There are more opportunities for bad bacteria to grow and good bacteria to die inside your gut…

This is why ProBio-15 was created to help restore this balance. Biocore Optimum Enzymes are also going to help your digestive system work with more comfort and precision. 

2. “Green” Fibre 

Green veggies are the best source of fiber for anybody who’s got a bad case of bloating. Too much can be bad, but 4-5 portions throughout the day will make a big difference for most people.

Mix it up, if you need a helping hand then our Greens & Reds powder offers a convenient crutch to increase intake. This isn't a substitute, I still want you to eat veg off your plate. Both together is perfect! 

3. Remove Antagonists 

If you find after eating eggs your guts go into meltdown stop eating them. If it’s oats, stop eating them…
Whatever the food is if it is sending chaos through your stomach then remove it.

Foods that upset your gut can leave inflammation heightened for months after you eat it which isn't very good at all. Be diligent with your food diary and see what is causing you to have an upset stomach. 

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