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Understanding the Role of Carbohydrates in Mass Gainers

by SEO DIGITAL 01 Sep 2023

mass gainer

Gaining weight can be a nightmare for some people. They spend a fortune and face challenges throughout their weight loss journey to obtain the perfect shape and size. However, in some cases, people suffering from certain health conditions might be unable to gain and maintain weight. Anorexia, cancer, kidney disorders, hyperthyroidism, and other physical or mental health conditions may trigger rapid weight loss. Maintaining a standard weight and BMI is important for the body to function properly. In this article, we will discuss the ways to gain weight using health supplements, popularly known as “mass gainers” or “weight gainers”.

Weight gain vs muscle building

Over-the-counter(OTC) health supplements for weight gain and building muscle mass are readily available. But one should know the difference between gaining weight and building body mass. You may gain weight with excess fat accumulated in the body. With increased body mass, your body grows muscles to support your system. Athletes vouch for whey proteins as health supplements to boost stamina and endurance. This is a popular weight and muscle-gaining formula to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. So, if you need to gain weight and not muscle volume, you must choose your mass gainer wisely. 

Diet playing a vital role in weight gain

To recover from certain ailments, one must follow a healthy diet plan. A well-balanced diet can help in quick recovery and body weight will increase steadily. The diet must consist of the right portions of carbs, proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals. The nutritionist must help you out with the best diet chart for fast healing and getting back in ahealthy shape. In case the person is not able to consume sufficient food due to loss of appetite or other reasons, health supplements are beneficial. Depending on the person’s needs, the medical practitioner might prescribe mass gainers to address the nutritional deficiency. They can boost healthy weight gain while providing necessary nourishment. 

Sources of mass gainer supplements

Consumption of green leafy vegetables, and fresh seasonal fruits will provide the necessary vitamins in your body. Healthy carbs like sweet potato, tapioca, wheat, and barley are used commonly in anabolic mass gainer formulas. Some brands also use corn or rice starch but that should not be the best choice for healthy eating. For proteins, whey, and eggs are the most common resources. However, if you are following a vegan diet, you must check for the plant-based resources on the labels. Unsaturated fats are extracted from avocados, olives, peanuts, pumpkin or sesame seeds. The mass gainer brands formulate their products with the goodness of all these resources in various compositions. There are many brands with different ratios of carbs, proteins, and fats in their compositions. Typically, the amount ranges between 30- 100g of carbohydrates, 3-50g of proteins, and 2-15gms of fats in a single serving.

Mass gainer formulas – a boon for “hard gainers”

Hard gainers are people who don’t gain weight or build muscle mass easily despite aggressive workout regimes. Athletes need to maintain stamina and body weight for optimum performance. Medical practitioners and dieticians often prescribe serious mass gainer formulations for these people. These high-calorie supplements promote weight gain and build lean mass. Premium weight gainers help in faster mass and stamina building with mass-producing calories and high-protein-rich compositions. These supplements, along with supervised training and a well-planned diet can help hard gainers achieve increased strength and mass faster.  

Selecting mass gainers based on goals

Considering the varying needs of people using mass gainers, the brands come up with different compositions. While muscle mass gainer suits the needs of athletes for rapid strength building, people with nutritional deficiencies should opt for a more balanced composition. Protein shakes are often used for weight loss by removing the excess fat in the body. These gainers might have a low-carb formulation. Additionally, a protein-rich diet helps bodybuilders and sportspersons get stronger. There are different formulations for different purposes. Whatever the need is, one must read through the compositions carefully to reap the maximum benefits of the mass gainer. Consult your nutrition coach to choose the best mass gainer according to your needs and preferences. 

Finding the best mass gainers based on lifestyle

The best brands producing mass gainers introduce varieties of compositions to suit the needs of the customers. Be it for reviving lost energy and gaining weight, or be it for getting a strong sculpted body, the purposes may differ. Also, based on the food preferences one can get a variety of options. For vegans, there are special formulations where only plant-based sources are used. Dairy-free and gluten-free options are also available in stores.  The customers can choose from a wide range of delicious flavours satiating their taste buds. Thus, get healthier and stronger with the best mass gainer supplements and life live to its fullest.

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