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by Sandesh Prasannakumar 15 Oct 2019

The workout window is possibly the most valuable time to use natural performance-enhancing supplements. That’s before, during and after depending on your personal ambitions of course. I’m the first to understand that because we have a vast product range at Genetic Supplements it can be difficult to decide what to use and when…

That’s exactly why I’m giving you a quick helping hand on this today!


Most “pre-workouts” are absolutely loaded with cheap stimulants that will frazzle your adrenal glands, make you feel irritable and kill your sleep! Cortisol production will also fly through the roof which isn’t good!

When we created our “pre-workout” I insisted that we couldn't follow suit with a “me too” sort of blend which is why ours is so unique…

If it’s a pump, mental focus and better energy. you then just try our Advantage-Ultra pre-workout. I don’t mind betting you prefer it to anything else you've tried before from this category. 

To get amino acids in my blood before training I also like to have 1 serving of our PeptoPro®! The hydrolysed casein is extremely fast absorbing and provides a full spectrum of amino acids. 


In the intra-workout window you need a wide range of amino acids which are very easily available to reduce catabolism. It also helps to have other ingredients which keep energy production high which also improve blood flow and fight fatigue.

Sustain 2.0 is in our top 3 best-sellers, it’s VERY popular! 

As well as giving you 12g of BCAAs from fermented vegetables (compared to the synthetic rubbish most products give, ahem…) you also get:

  • 5g of Citrulline Malate

  • 3g of Beta-Alanine 

  • 3.4g of “Beet” Nitrate 

We also added extra minerals to help with hydration so the muscle cells are also well saturated. 

If you feel you need added carbs to provide more “fuel” then add in HYDRA-CARB. It’s a super fast digesting carbohydrate complex with added hydration benefits. 


There are two choices post-training…

Protein only - this is for those who’ve done around 1 hours worth of weight training who don’t necessarily need glycogen replenishment. In this case having Bio Whey UMF is perfect because it’s a very fast digesting premium hydrolysed whey protein. The “UMF” technology makes it absorb even quicker. 

Protein & carbs - this is for those who’ve trained longer than an hour, or played a sports match or completed prolonged aerobic exercise usually. For this look no further than Matrix Recover 2.0

There’s a great deal to take in here so I’ll leave that to sync in for a moment.

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