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Workout Journal: Why do you need one and free templates to log your daily workouts! - Genetic Nutrition

Workout Journal: Why do you need one and free templates to log your daily workouts!

, by Sachin A, 1 min reading time


Genetic Nutrition Workout Journal


A workout journal helps you record your day-to-day workouts and helps you hit your goals faster.


A workout journal: Why is it useful?

Whether you are a beginner or if you have been exercising for some time, a workout journal/workout log will help you take your training to the next step. It ensures you stay motivated, Keep track of and compare your performance and take a better look at your workout sessions since you can see your progress from week to week.  


What should be in your workout journal?

Any details related to your workout that seem important to you can be noted in the log. Some information, however, should be included, Like 
  1. Your current physical conditionin detail to compare it in a few weeks.
  1. Note down the dates of your workout sessions to keep a record of regularity of your training.
For endurance training, it’s important to record times, kilometres, speed, and type of sport. If you want a more detailed analysis, you can also measure your heart rate and include your BPM in the journal. 
For strength training, you should be able to record your routine in detail and also note down repetitions, sets, and weights.
Every athlete has their individual preferences and should organize their journal according to their goal. 


Grab your free Workout journals for endurance and strength training below 👇🏻

Endurance Training

Strength Training



  • Our workout journal is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes

  • It helps you to record your progress.


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