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EAAs vs. BCAAs: Which Amino Acid Supplement is Right for You?

by SEO DIGITAL 01 Sep 2023

EAA supplements

In the field of athletics and bodybuilding, the use of mass gainer supplements is not new. It is essential to follow a strict diet and fitness regime to be on top of performance. On top of that, sportspersons are prone to injuries. Mass gainers help in building muscles, make recovery faster, and lift energy levels to perform better. The supplements are formulated with essential nutrients that increase muscle growth and stamina.  Some supplements are recommended to speed up the recovery process. EAAs and BCAAs are common ingredients in health supplements used for increased strength and volume. 

Amino Acids – how are they different from Fatty Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body. There exist 20 types of amino acids that help our body to function properly. The main three types of amino acids are a) EAA full form, Essential Amino Acids, b) NAA or Nonessential Amino Acids, and 3) CEAA or Conditionally Essential Amino Acids. Amino acids are units of proteins whereas fatty acids are units of fats in the human body. Nonessential fatty acids are converted into amino acids. Essential fatty acids are not produced inside our body and need to be sourced from food items. 

Basics about EAAs and BCAAs

BCAAs or Branched-Chain Amino Acids are a subset of EAAs. Out of nine, only three EAAs namely, leucine, valine, and isoleucine are BCAAs. These three types of BCAAs are found abundantly in fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products. BCAAs are named according to their molecular structure they have.    

As the EAAs full form Essential Amino Acidsuggests, they are essential for the human body supporting various activities. The nine types of EAAs help in regulating the digestive system, boost mental health, promote muscle development, repair torn or strained tissues, aid in healthy skin and hair, etc. The BCAAs o the other hand, are more beneficial in improving athletic performance in humans. 

EAA or BCAA which one to choose?

As discussed before, EAA and BCAA serve different functions in the body. It means one should look for supplements with a rich source of BCAA to attain muscle growth and stamina. BCAA fuels the muscles and is easily digested in the body. EAA supplement benefits includean enhanced athletic performancewith the betterment of overall health. However, the fact is, BCAAs cannot work without EAAs as they work like carriers. If the body doesn’t have enough EAAs, BCAAs can’t carry amino acids to the muscles.  So, the ideal combination is to have both types of amino acids in your supplement. With this powerhouse combo, the user canenjoy the benefits of both components. 

What is the best time to consume EAA supplements?

Amino acid supplements are safe to consume at any time of the day. However, to bring out the best benefits, one must consume it just before, during, or immediately after a workout session. EAA supplements work instantly on the muscular system so the effects are maximum. It will help calm sore muscles, increase anabolic rate, and help muscles grow faster. This is the reason why gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts carry a thermos filled with protein shakes during a rigorous training session. Thus, you must choose the right time to consume EAA or BCAA supplements to optimize the benefits of them. 

Where to purchase EAA supplements?

Like any other health supplements, EAA supplements are also easily available in pharmacies, departmental shops, and stores selling sports and fitness goods. You can also order EAA supplements from the comfort of your home by searching through various online portals and gettingthem delivered to your doorstep. The most important thing to consider before you order is to check the label for detailed information on the ingredients and the composition. Also, you must check the customer reviews to be sure. The consumption must be limited as per the instructed number of servings. It is advisable to consult a nutrition coach before making the purchasing decision. He can recommend the best supplement and the right servings after analysing your diet, preferences, and medical background. 


To summarise, we can say both EAA and BCAA are essential for humans with a wide range of benefits they provide. EAAs are important for supporting certain functions resulting in improved digestion, uplifting mood, producing hormones, healing torn muscles and tissues, glowing skin, strong nails, and hair etc. The list is lengthy. BCAAs are a subsection of EAAs, and they improve athletic performance in individuals. They are essential components to build muscles, quick recovery, and better strength. However, BCAAs are dependant on EAAs to carry out these tasks. Thus, we need to choose a supplement that combines both ingredients. Medical consultation is advised to avoid any overdose or harmful effects. Furthermore, the medical expert might help in suggesting the best brand with the right combination to suit our needs.

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